The Funny Things My Kids Say

8/2015 - Noah: "I don't really need to clean my room because I like it a mess. That's what happens to all boys' rooms. They clean it and then the 2nd day it turns back into a mess." Well, the mess does seem to magically reappear Noah, but you're going to clean it anyway!

7/2015 - Kids are so funny these days. They NEVER see commercials. Max is watching the TV right now and for some reason he found an infomercial and he is FASCINATED!!! He asked me to come down and watch it with him because he thought it was so neat. You can see the wheels turning in his head and the next thing he says is predictably, "Look! All of those only cost $13.33 and you only pay 3 times!" It's a commercial AND a "cooking show" - he's hooked! Next quote, "If we do that we save $839! Maybe I could get that job when I grow up!"

1/2015 - Daddy was putting Noah to bed and realized that his precious stuffed animal Simba wasn't in bed in his normal spot with Noah so mentioned that and Noah said, "I'm trying to end the business." I guess he's growing out of wanting a stuffed animal to sleep with...

8/2014 - Noah's always had a hard time remember the names of certain things every now and then and so he will just substitute the real names with what he thinks they are. We've liked his made up names for things so much that we've adopted them into our family's vocabulary. Snickerdoodles are "skoodledoots" and Frosted Flakes are "Snowflakes".

7/2014 - Noah and Max both decided to buy little Lego packs with their own money at the checkout at Target. When we got home and they started putting them together I heard Max say, "You gotta look at the destructions!" and Noah reply, "I AM looking at the constructions!"

7/2014 - Just played Uno with my kids and Max played a reverse and said, "I'm going to play this and reverse the rotation!" He's the only 5 year old I know who would say that. What a cutie.

5/30/2014 - Driving home with Max in the back and he says to me, "This is the last day of -" " -Freedom!" I interrupt. "Freedom? What does that mean? It's the last day of skoo," he said back to me. Yep, summer is here. Bring on sunblock and the chaos. So long quiet days.

4/2014 - Max cuddles up to me and I put my arm around him. "I love you, Max" I say. "I love Chucky Cheese," he responds back.

4/2014 - Noah had me bring his breakfast outside to eat this morning with Max. They went on to talk about bugs, bees, and then they saw a real spider. Max screamed and they both had me chase the spider away. "Mom, can you bring my breakfast inside?" Noah asked, "I'm afraid of Mother Nature!"

4/2014 - Max got circumcised this week so body parts are on the brain. Yesterday as they were going through their Easter baskets Noah accidentally asked, "Max, do you want any of my Reeces Penises?"

3/2014 - Been building Leprechaun traps with the kids today. Just heard Noah say, "I can't wait for a Leprechaun to fall in my trap and DIE!" Waaait a minute. I thought we were making them so we could "catch" one and get a wish or some gold or something. Sometimes Noah surprises/scares me.

3/2014 Max: "O-ie Mo-ie!" his version of "Holy Moly!"

3/2014 Noah wants to be a race car driver when he grows up but he doesn't want to crash so he wants to drive in the back.

2/2014 - Marilyn talking to her friend, "We don't know how we're going to be when we get old. I'm going to be a nasty, fat old woman!"

12/29/2013 - Grandma and Grandpa Parker just got a wall-mounted fireplace and cousin Paisley was just crawling around in Grandma and Grandpa Buckholts' fireplace so Max must have had that on his mind. Max's toddler bed finally broke so we've moved him into the bottom bunk in what will now be his and Noah's room. The kids had so much fun using tools to take apart the pieces of the toddler bed this morning, and actually got it all apart thanks to Noah! Max carefully carried the pieces downstairs to make one of his creations to play on and had an epiphany he shared with me. "Mom! You know those fireplaces that Grandmas have?" I guess he thinks it's necessary to have to be a Grandma, "I know! You can save these pieces for when you are a grandma and use them for your fire! Of course that will be a long time from now." He was so earnest and serious when he came up with this idea. It was adorable.

11/29/2013 - I'm laughing on the inside about something so cute. I'm listening to Christmas music with Marilyn and "12 Days of Christmas" comes on. She got excited because she said she learned it in music class at school. Then she paused and listened for a second and said, "days of Christmas? Isn't it supposed to be Halloween?" I was confused for a second and then realized she'd learned a knock off version of the song for Halloween and unlike every other child didn't know it was originally a Christmas song. I tried to explain that to her and she said, "Oh so first it was a Christmas song and then it was a Halloween song," like EVERYONE must know the Halloween version like her. Every now and then it startles me that so much of our culture is still so new to her. I love seeing things new through her eyes.

11/29/2013 - Max, "Mom? What if half the world turned to juice?! Then we would have juice all over!"

11/2013 - Direct quote from Max, "No more eating yellow snow. That's a new rule for our family!"

10/2013 - Direct quote from Noah thinking out loud, "How can I tell which is mine and which is Marilyn's? I know! Mine has dirt on it cuz I'm a boy and boys aren't really responsible and stuff."

9/2013 - Me: "Max, tomorrow is your birthday party!"  Max: "It is?!" Me: "Yep, and that's when you'll get all your presents, but your real birthday is on Monday." Max: "So that's not when I'm going to do all my growing.  I'm going to grow on Monday."  Me: "Grow?" Max: "Yeah.  Grow an inch, cuz I'm gonna be five!"  He is still confused thinking that how tall you are equals how old you are even though I've had lots of conversations with him telling him the truth.  Yesterday he couldn't believe it when I told him I haven't grown since I was 17 and I'm 36 now.

8/2013 - Max was helping me hang up a bunch of shirts in his and Marilyn's closet and he said a little exasperated at how many there were, "Where are the hangers coming from?!" to which I replied, "The closet," and he said in surprise, "The closet can make hangers?!!!" 

7/2013 - Noah: "I want Max to tickle me and make me pee my pants again!" Oh, there is so much I could say about that...

7/2013 - I love Max.  We are watching the 6th Star Wars at the very end when Darth Vader is dying and having a heart to hear with Luke.  I'm sitting by my boys wondering if they are sad and then completely out of the blue Max asks, "I wonder, can Darth Vader chew bubble gum?"

6/2013 - Noah loves to sleep face down

on a makeshift pillow made from wadding a bunch of thermal blankies from when he was a baby up into a ball.  One morning he woke up and realized that those blankets had left marks all over his arms and said with surprised delight, "Hey!  Look at all my Chinese writing!"

6/2013 - Very common things that Marilyn says or asks:

"How long ago did you buy that?"/"How old is this?"/"How long ago did you get that?" about everything, even minor things like chapsticks, scissors, shoes, papers...pretty much anything that is at all interesting to her.  I bet I've been asked that about at least half the things in our house. This question is followed by, "How much did it cost?" 

The first time she meets someone, no matter who or how well we know them she will always ask, "How old are you?"  Sometimes this is followed by a observation that is most of the time made to me either in front of that person or within ear shot of them, "She sounds like a Grandma!", "She sounds like a boy!", "He sounds like an old man!", "He sounds like a girl!" 

After she finishes thinking about how old a person is and if their voice matches what she perceives they look like she will ask what color their hair is.  If I answer brown she makes a sound of deep longing and begins to covet.  She's obsessed with the color brown.  I canNOT tell you how many daily several minute long conversations we've had about that color and she's asked me to describe and differentiate between every possible shade of it.

Every time Marilyn prays every sentence is prefaced by a word that I think is left over from her Chinese but isn't a Chinese word.  I'm sure she's not even aware that she says it and I don't want to point it out to her because it is so cute.  She will always say, "Wo please bless..."

Conversations with her are always 70% questions on her part, 100% explanation on my part, and 30% commentary on her part about my explanation which always leads her to ANOTHER question!!  That's why she is so smart.  Think of having a conversation with a three year old who always asks why but that three year old is actually 8 and and so has the mental reasoning to instead of just asking why ask how, what, for what reason, and on and on and on and on.

"WhuaT?"  And I capitalize the "t" because it is said very distinctly.  This word is always said with a little innocent girl attitude.  The further she gets away from her time in China the less "uh" is in the middle of the word but it used to be pronounced "Whut?" aaallll the time many multiple times a day.

6/2013 - Best part of my day: You know how little kids have to work very hard to pronounce words fast enough to get them to fit with the rhythm of a song? Picture 4 yr old Max singing, "It feels like the perfect night to dress up like hypsters" (Taylor Swift). I didn't even know he KNEW that song, add to that the mental image of him dressing like that plus listening to him sing and no wonder I am smiling.

6/2013 - Max: "I can hop on one foot longer than a bumblebee eating a pinecone!"

5/2013 - Max's cute observation of the day, "When we smile our shadows don't smile along with us."

5/2013 - Max: "Do you like womance Mommy?" After questioning him a few times to figure out what he was really meaning to say, he said, "You know, when you take a girl on a boat! Womance!" He meant romance! So cute...

5/2013 - I asked Max if he wanted fruit cocktail this morning and he replied that he'd rather just have the cocktail. Alcoholism starts early in our family I guess.

5/2013 - Max is convinced he can speak baby language and that he knows what babies are saying.  He will periodically make a nonsense baby sound, "goo goo", "gahgah", or something little sqeaky sound, and then quiz me, "Mom, you know what that means?" and I respond, "You mean, in 'baby language'?"  "Yeah," he says, "I'm not going to tell you!"  He also insists he can talk to dogs in their language!

5/2013 - I was giving Max a bath today and afterwards asked him to help me dry off the toys he used.  He questioned why we needed to do that so I told them they would grow black mold if we didn't.  He thought about intently for a second and then asked, "What happens if you don't wipe me off?!"

3/2013 - On the way back from dropping off Marilyn and Noah at school Max says in a completely random way, "I want our famiy to die together."  Me, "What?!?" and he repeats.  Me confirming, "You want our family to die together? Why are you thinking about that?!"  Max responds, "I'm just wondering if that's going to happen."  Me, "No.  That's not going to happen!"  Kids say the weirdest things...

2/2013 - This sums up our family:
Me: "After lunch we're going to have a rousing round of math games!"
Noah: "Never EVER!!!!"
Marilyn: "Doubles plus one! I love that game!"
Max: "I know everything about math!"
Followed by a conversation between my two Chinese about large numbers and multiplication tables while Noah busily duct taped his spaceship a.k.a cardboard box.

1/2013 - All on their own our kids decided to start a little band. Both Noah and Max had to put their beanies on, because Noah says every rock star wears one. Noah's rocking his guitar, Marilyn's playing the piano, and Max is playing the harmonica. So cute. Noah just said, "I have to say 'a one, and a two, and a one, two, three!' before we start!"

12/2012 - Noah tells me that when he was in transit from heaven to earth to be born he was quite worried that dinosaurs still walked the earth. Imagine his relief. I love that boy's imagination!

5/2012 - Max, "I like to eat ants because when Noah feeds them to me they tickle in my mouth!"

3/2012 - Over the past couple of days Max will say these things to me randomly throughout the day:

"Mom, do you know what I'm saying?" (He will either have been whispering something so quietly that it would be impossible to hear it or not saying anything at all.)  "I don't know," I reply.  "I'm not telling you!" he answers back in a sing-song voice.


"Mom, do you know how to say (enter some random phrase) in Chinese?"  (Keep in mind he doesn't remember one iota about China and is in no way recalling phrases in Mandarin that might be tucked in the recesses of his unconcious brain.  We just talk about China a lot these days.)  So I reply to him, "No, I have no idea how to say that."  Then he'll say some gibberish and tell me that's how you say it.  Little know-it-all!  Three year olds know everything

3/2012 - Max was looking for something to eat for breakfast this morning and pulled out an avocado but said, "Me want to eat an ava-da-cado!"

3/2012 - After school one day Noah, Max, and I all piled in the car and drove down to Chris' work to take him out to lunch.  Noah happily announced, "We stole Daddy from his work!  We Dad-napped him!"

2/2012 - Max made a discovery while he was playing with some building blocks at the Dr.'s office.  Suddenly he stopped building, dropped the block in his hands, and looked at the back of his hands and then his palms over and over.  After thoroughly inspecting them he announced, "Me hands two colors!  Look!"  It's fun to see that developmentally he is noticing his ethnicity.  Whenever he sees Asian looking people on tv he always points them out by saying, "They Chinese like me!" 

The other day when we were at yet another Dr.'s appointment there was a Chinese lady helping us and he proudly announced, "Me China boy!"

2/2012 - During a boring moment one weekend Chris, Noah, and Max decided to all shave their heads together.  After Daddy finished Noah's buzz cut Noah looked in the mirror and told him that cut wasn't quite what he wanted.  He wanted to be just like Daddy, including the bald spot on top.  Noah wanted Daddy to give him a bald spot on top with a "ring" around the edges so they could have the "same haircut".

The next day at church and then the next day at school Noah was so nervous that other kids would see his buzz cut and laugh at him.  (No we didn't give him a bald man's "ring".)  I needed to deliver something to his classroom later that morning and he ran up to me when he saw me and said in a happy voice, "No one has been laughing!"

2/2012 - Noah has invented his own swear word that we all LOVE.  "Humphrey!" he says, and he doesn't like it when anyone else uses his word.  He also learned the word "infuriated" and made up another of our family's favorite expressions, "Numstries!" which means "yummy".

2/2012 - Max is so, so adorable.  When he thinks of an idea he will hold up his little pointer finger in front of his face and say, "Aha!  I know!  Why don't we..."  He reminds me of a little Sherlock Holmes when he does it.

2/2012 - We spent a lot of time at Dr.'s offices this month.  In one of the rooms at Primary Children's Medical Center the walls were painted to make you feel like you were sitting at the bottom of the ocean with a whole bunch of creatures including an octopus.  Max walked up to it and announced, "Me bigger than this Octa-ma-pus!"

11/23/11 - Conversation with Noah:

Noah, from out of the blue, "I've been thinking that I want to go out of town for Thanksgiving."

Me, "Where do you want to go out of town to?"

Noah, thinking, "Disneyland."

Me, "Well, we are going to Grandma's house."

Noah, happily "That's 'out of town!' "

His world is getting bigger.  I didn't even know he knew that people traveled out of town for Thanksgiving.  Must be another remnant left over from a conversation he heard at Kindergarten.  I love hearing these little signs that his world is getting bigger.

11/22/11 - Daddy, Noah, and Max were jumping on our bed and dancing to the Killers before bed.  (What a good Daddy!)  We had to stop so we could say a prayer for bedtime and so Daddy turned off the music.  Max started crying and complained to me, "He's not letting me rock and roll!"

11/13/11 - Max, if I go back to the Dr. in a few days and they tell me my stitches ripped out it will be your fault.  You had me laughing so hard today that I couldn't stop even though it hurt so bad.  I finally felt well enough to make us all a simple dinner of nachos tonight.  Daddy came upstairs and you offered one of your chips to him in a bright, innocent voice but - SOMEHOW- you've gotten the words "diarrhea" and "dorritos" mixed up.  "Daddy, you want one of my diarrhetos?" you offered.

8/25/11 - Max, you are getting so funny these days - just plain silly and I'm loving every second of it.  You are fun.  Tonight for bedtime I got to put you to bed.  I scooped you up in my arms, sat down in our rocking chair together, laid you down in my arms like my little baby and started to sing a lullaby.  You excitedly interrupted me and asked to do the "hokie pokie" instead.  So we did, and baby love - you know all the moves!  You are so precious to me!

7/11 - We were driving in the car today and there was a beautiful, light, rippling blanket of clouds covering the entire sky.  I pointed it out to you, Noah, and you said, "Dheys holding dher hands!"  I LOVED that description.

6/2/11 - We went to the zoo today and were just about to finish off our visit by stopping over at the playground part of the zoo.  The last time we had done this Noah had found a cute girl to play with and he talked about her, his "girlfriend" (heaven help me), for 10 minutes on the way home.  Today Noah was feeling a little bit shy and so he turned to Max and said for what I'm sure was the first of many times he will say this, "Max, will you help me find some cute girls?"  I can just see it years from now, Noah will be begging Max, "Hey you know your friend so and so?  Will you introduce me to her?"  Chris and I were laughing about this and his prediction was that Noah will come home from his mission, Max will be leaving for his, and Noah will marry Max's girlfriend by the time he comes back home! 

4/11 - Noah was telling me about astronaut day at preschool today.  It really captured his imagination.  For show and tell a little girl brought "food that an astronaught drinks.  It was orange and a little bit spicy and we got to have a little drink of it."  Tang.  I love hearing him describe new experiences.  Because of what he told me next about his day I know I am raising him right.  "Brooklyn can turn into a fairy and a mermaid.  She told me not to tell anyone but I can tell you.  I can't touch her because she's got powers.  She's gonna teach me how to turn into a mermaid - a boy one."  LOVE that imagination of his!!  That alone is proof that he was meant to be mine.

3/11 - I was helping Noah get dressed into regular clothes from his pajamas after his nap and it was time to pull off his bottoms and put on his pants.  He hesitated and said sheepishly, "No, I need new unders."  "Why?" I asked.  "My teacher says I need to wear nice, clean, new underwear everyday or people don't want to be around me."  (I was so laughing inside when he said this because I could tell it was almost an exact quote of something his teacher must have said rather than a comment he'd make on his own and it lead me to wonder what had necessitated this comment from his teacher and why it had made such an impression on Noah.  Also, his underwear was nice, clean, and new so I thought it was funny that he was so concerned about it.)  I went on to explain that his unders were fine and he double checked saying, "So people will want to be with me?"  Yep, Noah.  They will.

3/11 - We were listening to the Star Wars/Film Score station on Pandora when a song from Edward Scissorhands came on and Noah was drawn into it from the very beginning.  He asked me what it was from, so I told him, and that led to a whole bunch of other questions so I decided to let him watch a video clip from it from You Tube.  He was captivated, especially of course with the fact that this odd looking man had scissorhands.  After the clip was over he paused deep in thought for a moment and then a light bulb came on in his mind.  "Can I play with scissors?!"  When will I learn???

He kept pestering me for the scissors after this trying to use every tactic possible to talk me into letting him play with them.  He wanted them for his Edward Scissorhands costume:

Him - "Where are my scissors?"

Me - "No."

Him - "I just want them to cut paper with."  (He knows that's a preschool skill I want him to work on.)

Me - "I said no.  Not right now."  (Because let's face it, it wasn't the preschool skill he wanted to hone.)

Him - "I won't hurt anyone!"

Me - "No!  Absolutely not.  Scissors are not toys!"

Him - Defeated.  "Ok," turning to Max, "Come on people, let's go shoot someone!"

Me - "Good choice!" That one slipped right out before I even knew what I was saying, but I guess I meant it.  I'd rather him pretend to shoot bad guys with toys that he's pretending are guns than play with real scissors.

2/11 - We recently got some hand me down sweaters and jeans for Noah from a friend.  For show and tell today at Preschool Noah was supposed to bring something from somewhere in the United States and he said he wanted to bring one of his new sweaters (he was wearing the other one) to show his friends, "because someone really special gave it to me".  I'm so glad he is still young enough and sweet enough to think that hand me downs are so awesome that he wants to take them to school to show them off to his friends.  I love his sweet innocence.

2/11 - Noah out of the blue one afternoon: "I'm going to go to Kindergarten so I can learn all about girls." 

2/11 - About a week or so ago I gave Noah some Swedish Fish for the first time and yesterday for Valentine's each boy got their very own bag of Goldfish crackers.  Noah happily pronounced, "These are the Swedish Fish's little kids!"

2/11 - Noah just asked for some cold water and he said he wanted it "super cold like Superman Ice Cave cold"!

11/10 - Daddy: "Mommy is wonderful and does so much for us."

Noah: "I know, and we don't do anything for her!"

11/10 - Incredibly ironic quotes from Noah: "I just don't like the noises of kids.  It gives me a headache!" and "No, I don't want a cookie.  It's too sugary."  What?!!

11/10 - Noah is excited to get a haircut today.  He told me he either wants a "Luke Skywalker haircut or a Chinese haircut".  When I asked him what a Chinese haircut would look like he told me it's when the haircut lady would make his hair black.

10/10 - At Grandma and Grandpa Parker's house, Noah had this conversation:

Noah: My dad's tools are in a crock pot.

Grandma: That's a weird place to keep tools.

Noah: My daddy moves in a different way.

(For the record, the tools are in a bucket, not a crock pot. And, yes, I am a bit odd.)

10/10 - Noah looking at a picture of us at the beach when he was a baby, "That's a really nice haircut mom!"  How did he learn that that is something you say to compliment a woman?!

10/10 - And now we can add, "My job!" and "Me do!" to what Max says several times a day!  He also likes to day, "Did it!" so proudly.

9/10 - Max's favorite phrase lately and I hear it at least 50 times a day (not exaggerating): "Nome!"  meaning "No, me!  Don't help me.  I want to do it by myself!"  He will be two in a few weeks.

8/10 - Things Noah said to me in the car today:  "When I grow up I'm gonna have to get a wife."  "When I grow up I'm going to be a knight and rescue a princess.  She'll be high up in a tower and I'll have to save her.  I'm not telling a story mom."  (Noah has gotten to the age where he tells me "stories" aks little white lies about things.)  "I liked the show (at Lagoon) tonight.  Those girls were pretty!"  Oh, heaven help me!  I don't know if he's more obsessed with girls or superheros!  (And he's only four and a half!)

7/10 - Max: "I do!!!" - His favorite thing to say.  He almost always wants to do it himself and he will also say this when he just plain wants to do something.

Max: "Up!" with a very pronounced "p".

Max: "But-be" how he says button

Max: "No-mah" He will finally say Noah's actual name now instead of GeGe and Noah is delighted.  As much as he loved having Max call him that, there's just something extra special about hearing the people you love say your name.

Noah: The other day he was walking on a board in our backyard over some mud like it was a bridge and he told Daddy he had named his bridge, "Not for Adam's transgressions"!  What?!  So funny.  A while back we helped memorize that Article of Faith but it was so out of the blue that he'd name his make believe bridge that.

Noah: He likes to tell Daddy his own, favorite, made-up-by-himself joke.  It goes like this:  "Daddy?  Max thinks you have lots of hair!"

Noah:  I picked him up from the daycare at the gym today and they told me that he is a little romancer.  It seems like everyone tells me this, his preschool teachers, his primary teachers... His latest fixation has been this little girl at the gym's daycare named Addie.  Today on the way home in the car our conversation went like this:

N - "I told Addie your name so now she know's your name is Laura."

Me - "Oh, good!"  and I think to myself, "He's telling me this because last time we saw her at the daycare he begged me all the way home to call her mommy and tell her to bring Addie over to our house to play.  I told him I couldn't because I didn't even know her mommy's name."

N - "I wanna go back to Texas."

Me - "What's in Texas?"

N - "Addie's going there to see her friends."  Oh, of course.  It has to do with Addie.  "She's gonna come get me and I'm going with."

Me - "I guess you better pack your bags then."

N- "She's gonna pack her bags and I'm gonna pack my toys and she's gonna come get me and I'm going to drive us there in my own car!"

5/10 - Noah:  "I've got lots of sidekicks!  Max and Dadda and Mamma!"

5/10 - Noah said in a very happy voice like he had just figured out a puzzle, "Mama!  When you die I'm going to buy a sword!"  Yep, Noah.  That's probably what it will take.

1/10 - Grandma and Grandpa Parker let Noah watch the Spiderman with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst in it.  Their upside down kiss really made an impression on him because every now and then he wants to hang upside down, have me pretend to lift up his mask, and give me a kiss "Spidey-style".  If he weren't so innocent, I'd be a bit disturbed but it's so sweet and cute I have to laugh instead!

1/10 - Noah's been watching and reenacting the Prince parts in Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty.  While doing that he wondered out loud if Daddy and I danced at our wedding.  I told him yes and he said he danced with me too.  I told him he didn't dance with me because it was before he was born and he was in heaven.  His reply was, "Yeah, I was dancin' with Jesus!"  I told him that was proably true because he was so happy his parents were getting married.

1/10 - "These smell like cockadoodles!"

12/09 - Daddy and Noah were outside working on insulating the garage door with their tools.  I asked where Noah was and he said in a loud, authoritarian, "worker guy" voice, "What?  I'm out here doin' a job with Dad.  He helped me with the cutter.  I didn't cut my skin off.  See?  Go make us dinner!".

12/09 - "Is this my wrong hand?"  Meaning is this my right hand or my left hand.  He's really confused that one of them is called his right hand.

11/09 - "Yahtzee!!"  Noah and I have been addicted to playing Yahtzee together.  He loves to roll the dice and there is lots of celebrating going on when I tell him what he got, no matter what he got.  That's the cute part.  The funny part is that he beats me every time.  It's the first "real" game we have played together.  (I don't think Go Fish, matching games and Chutes and Ladders played without following any real rules count.)

11/09 - Noah asked me out of the blue one day, "Is Jesus making Max so Santa can bring him for Christmas?".

11/09 - The moon's been about 3/4 with part of the bottom side lopped off.  In the car after a brief period of silence, Noah said, "Why the moon tipping over?"

10/09 - During lunch.  Noah screams and I say, "Hey, if you do that one more time I'm putting you on the naughty spot.  That's making my ears ring.".  He immediately stops and is interested.  "Can I hear it?" he asks. 

"Hear what?" 

"Your ringing." 

 "No, you can't hear it.  It's just inside my head that I can hear it." 

 "That (your head) doesn't ring!  That's your coconut.  Silly...".

10/09 - Today we bought Noah some new "unders" so he's been all obsessed with them today.  He chose Incredible Hulk, Batman, Superman, and Iornman undies and just couldn't wait so he opened the packages in the store while he was sitting in the cart.  He wanted to change into them while sitting in the cart, but I wouldn't let him do that.  Tonight his primary teacher came over for something and Noah whispered in my ear, "I'm not gonna show him my Incredible Hulks, ok?".  I told him that was a good idea.

10/09 - Last night my Grandpa Madsen passed away.  Today Noah asked if we could call Grandpa Madsen on the phone.  I explained that since he went to live with Heavenly Father the only thing we could really do was say a prayer to Heavenly Father and ask him to pass the message on to Grandpa.  For the rest of the day he would spontaneously say prayers mentioning Grandpa Madsen.

10/09 - I bought Nobo and I some nachos Bell Grande from Taco Bell with guacamole on them for lunch and when we got home he kept asking me to pass him his "mauckamolies".

10/09 - Noah calls fly swatters "swatter flwops".

10/09 - One night this week I was showing him a picture from the gospel art kit for his "scripture story" before bed.  It happened to be the one of Joseph teaching Jesus how to be a carpenter, and I had never noticed it before but they were building a stool that looks a lot like our kitchen stools.  Noah looked a little confused and asked me, "Why did Jesus build a naughty spot?".  Can you guess how we use our stools?

10/09 - Tonight we showed him the Helaman and the 2000 stripling warriors picture for our scripture story.  Chris told him all about it and then said, "When you say your prayer now why don't you ask Heavenly Father to help you be like one of the warriors?".  Noah then said his prayer, "and thank you that I'm an soldier and shoot tigers".  I'll have to re-read that story in the BofM and look for the tigers next time.