According to Someone Else's Plan

I've always been the kind of girl who really (REALLY, REALLY) wanted her life to go according to her own plan.  This blog is a record of how it hasn't. 

But, it's gone exactly according to Someone Else's and been so much the better for it. 

Way back to 12 years old I planned to marry a wonderful man who I would instinctually know was right for me because when I held him in my arms I would feel at home.  It was a very specific feeling I day dreamed about, but like a girl's dreams of Cinderella and Prince Charming, I didn't really think it truly existed.  I was so pleasantly surprised when after a few weeks of dating my Christopher I felt that "home" feeling one afternoon when he held me during a time of stress and I realized that feeling wasn't just some imagined fairly tale sign.  It was real and God had given me this sign to help me know that my soul had found it's home.  So against my teenage plan not to marry until I was at least 21, I married my Christopher one month after turning 19 years old.

For 17 years, life has pretty much gone that way. 

Our children have come along unexpectedly and definitely NOT according to my timing; however, when and how they came we knew it was right.